Feather Trim Collar Necklace


I have been waiting to make this necklace since last fall but the feather trim I wanted to use has been on back order. While sitting in my office last week trying to decide on my next DIY, it occurred to me that I could just make my own. My husband and I were working to clear out some space in our basement a few weeks ago and I asked him to throw out a really old halloween wreath I had made. He asked if I wanted him to at least save the feathers and I looked at him like he was crazy but said yes… who knew he was such a genius! Using those to make the trim, chain from my headpieces to make the necklace part and a beaded rhinestone from my sandals to accent it, this DIY was a nice way use up extra materials I already had. This is a pretty simple necklace to make, and would be made even simpler by buying pre-made feather trim. I can’t wait to wear it, I like that it can really dress up even the simplest of outfits! 

Start off by making the feather trim… if you’re making the necklace with pre-made trim, just cut it to 18″ and skip to the next set of steps! 

Cut a piece of 7/8″ black cross grain ribbon to 18″ long (1). You can either take black raven feathers from a wreath like I did, or buy a bag of loose feathers. I cut my feathers to about 4″ long (2), but you can cut your feathers as long or as short as you like. Glue the feathers to the bottom half of the ribbon using hot glue (3) being sure to leave enough room to fold the ribbon in half lengthwise when you’re finished. Continue until the whole ribbon is trimmed with feathers (4). Working in small sections, fold your ribbon in half lengthwise to cover the tops of the feathers, securing with the hot glue as you go (5). Once you’ve made your trim, glue a piece of chain or metal trim over the ribbon (6). This part is optional, you could leave it with just the ribbon but I think it gives the necklace a nice look.

diy feather trim

Now you’re ready to start the actual necklace part. You’ll need a combination of six different chains for this part. You can use all the same colors and sizes, or you can mix and match like I did. Either way, the chain measurements are as follows (from longest to shortest): chain 1 = 31″, chain 2 = 25″, chain 3 = 20″, chain 4 = 17″, chain 5 = 13″ and chain 6 = 7.2″ (1). Attach one end of all of  the chains to a large jump ring and sew that ring into place on one end of the feather trim (2). Connect the other end of the chains to another jump ring and sew a lobster clasp to the other end of the feather trim (3). 

Connecting the Chains

The loose jump ring will connect to the lobster clasp and that’s how you’ll put the necklace on. This part shows a little, so you can ether choose to leave it as is or you can glue an embellishment to hide it. I made one (following the steps from this post) but you could use an old brooch, an earring… anything really!