My Instalife: Week of 2/16 – 2/22 in Pictures

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Insta 2.22

1. I started a Spring Inspirations board on Pinterest (find it HERE) and it’s got tons of pins with the recipes and fashion that are inspiring me as we transition from winter to spring!

2. I woke up on Saturday to this view from our bedroom window (which is also the 9th hole of a golf course) and was loving the sunshine and almost bare ground!

3. I made one of our favorite dinner’s over the weekend, a roasted chicken with crispy rosemary potatoes (find the recipe HERE). It always looks so impressive once it’s done but it couldn’t be any easier and it’s inexpensive to make too!

4. Saturday was our “Valentine’s Day” so we had some rosé in the champagne flutes from our wedding with dessert while watching a couple movies.

insta 2.22 21. We had such a lazy day on Sunday and it was wonderful! Weezy was cuddled up in my lap while we watched HGTV.

2. I didn’t want the dogs to feel left out, so when I made our Valentine’s Day dessert I also made them their treats in heart shapes. I didn’t have a some ingredients (find the recipe HERE) and didn’t feel like going out so I swapped a couple things – I used vegetable broth instead of beef and I didn’t have any eggs so I added a touch more milk and a couple tbsp of nonfat yogurt.

3. When my husband was in the NFL they used to get “Victory Mondays” (if they won on Sundays they got the next day off). This meant a lot of our Sunday nights got treated like they were Saturdays and we’d have some cocktails. We decided this past Sunday night we’d have a couple of martinis “just because” & I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of those fun times!

4. Sebastian spent most of Monday like this on our couch, I guess he was taking off for President’s Day! Lol

Insta 2.22 3

1. Weezy is like my shadow, she literally follows me everywhere. She has a little bed next to my desk where she stays all day while I work, if I get up to sew or take pictures she’s trots right behind me and if I go to shower she naps right outside the door until I’m finished. I was taking pictures earlier in the week while I worked on a post for our new headboard (find it HERE) and she was such a ham I couldn’t get anything done. She kept jumping up to get in the picture, it was hilarious. 

2. A close up of the dessert I made for Valentine’s Day (find the recipe and tutorial HERE).

3. My husband saved these raven feathers from an old wreath I told him to throw away (is he a genius or what?!) and I made a trim out of them for a really cool DIY I’m working on (find it HERE).

4. My silk-lined faux fur wrap that I made (find the tutorial HERE) on a rug in our bedroom.