Faux Fur Wrap

I have been craving spring like it is nobody’s business. I know I shouldn’t be complaining as we’ve had another fairly mild winter here in New York, but I really can’t wait to lose some of the layers when going outside! The weather was terrible here yesterday… started as rain, turned to sleet and then snow helping me to resign to the fact that winter is still here. I figure if the cold is staying a little while longer I might as well make some things to stay looking chic while I wait for spring! After Christmas, I finally had the time to go through an organize my craft supplies and what I realized it I had way too much stuff leftover from past projects. I decided to stay out of the craft store and use only what I had left at home. I am proud to say I’ve only been to the craft store once since December, which is incredible since I used to go six times a week! For this project I wanted to use some of the faux fur leftover from this project, silk leftover from a Christmas gift I made and ribbon leftover from a wreath I made. I chose to make this wrap for a couple of reasons, the first being that this gives the illusion of a full scarf without the added bulk and the second being that it can be worn a few ways making it both casual and dressy! 

Start off by cutting equal sized pieces of silk and faux fur (1). My pieces were 39″ x 8″ so that it could tie around my shoulders comfortably, or i could wrap it around my neck to wear it like a scarf too. Lay your pieces right sides together and use a hip curve ruler or a glass to curve your corners (2). Cut two 24″ pieces of satin ribbon and pin them in place leaving an inch sticking out to make sure it catches in your seam (3) (The ribbons go inside your wrap right now so that when you flip it right sides out they will be on the outside). Use your machine to stitch all the way around your wrap using 1/4″ seam allowances (4) leaving a gap big enough for your hand to fit in (5). Flip your wrap right side out and slipstitch the gap closed using a needle and thread (6). 

faux fur neck wrap how to

If you don’t have a sewing machine you could cut your fur lightly bigger than your silk, use E600 or hot glue and fold the fur over silks borders to give it a similar look. Then you could either hand stitch the ribbon ties on or glue them in place! 

Like I mentioned previously, you can wear the wrap over your shoulders or you can wrap it around your neck:

faux fur neck wrap