My InstaLife: Week of 2/9 – 2/15 in Pictures

As promised, at the end of each week I will do a round up of the previous week’s Instagram pictures. You can find me here on Instagram to follow me and see these in real time. As always, click on a set of pictures to enlarge them!

Instagram 1

1. My Valentine for my husband {says “love of my life” in French} next to a vintage silver tray filled with my business cards, fun beaded pens, matches from a cigar bar in NYC & a candle from my aunt.

2. Drinking peppermint tea from a Vera Wang set while learning to do brush embroidery with paint so that I could eventually do it with royal icing on cookies (see the cookies HERE)!

3. Our miniature pinscher, Sebastian, turned 3 this week!

4. A sneak peek at the first layer of icing on my Valentine’s Day dessert… see the finished products HERE.

instagram 2

1. I’m on a big smoothie kick… I’ve been having them for breakfast and lunch everyday. I freeze bite sized pieces of fruit and blend them with nonfat yogurt and juice. This one was strawberry yogurt, cantaloupe, banana, blueberry and pomegranate juice.

2. My tuxedo and heart cards for Valentine’s Day {see the full post and tutorials here}.

3. Our two dogs, Sebastian & Weezy, were in a loving mood on Valentine’s Day… I snapped this while we all cuddled on the couch.

4. The inside of my husband’s Valentine’s Day card. We had one of our friends reach a passage from the book  “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho on our wedding day… this quote comes from there. It’s an incredible book, I’ve read it dozens of time and am actually reading it again now.

instagram 3

1. I am OBSESSED with Justin Timberlake… like actually believed I was going to marry him, cried when I watched him sing, had my walls plastered in his picture when I was in middle school kind of obsessed. My mom and I saw him in concert when I was in college, P!nk opened up for him and not only was it an amazing concert it is one of my all-time favorite memories with my mom. Anyways, this picture is of his new music video that he released on Valentine’s day and I cannot wait until they release the tour dates!

2. I love the unconventional challenges on Project Runway and they aired this season’s one last night. This was my favorite look even though she didn’t win I thought it was beautiful!.

3. My mom and I did a lot of shopping last weekend and she got me this set of Christian Lacroix post cards. I love buying stationary and then using it as artwork all over the house by putting it in oversized frames.