American Girl Doll PJs & Sleeping Bag

American Girl PJs and SB

I made these for a Christmas gift this year and since I had a hard time finding a good pattern I thought it would be a nice one to pass along. My husband’s cousin’s daughter has an American Girl doll and my mother-in-law suggested making a sleeping bag for her doll. I loved the idea and had originally planned on just sewing a zipper into a rectangular piece of fleece but then decided to find a really great pattern instead. Well, that turned out to be easier said than done, after an hour looking through the pattern books at the store I finally found this one and, guess what – they no longer had it at our store. Thankfully my mom was able to track one down and I made the lined sleeping bag with pillow, the pajamas and the bathrobe. I have to say these little items were harder and more time-consuming to make than the clothes I make myself (lol) but they turned out adorable so it was well worth it. The pattern is for all the pieces seen above plus slippers, an arm pillow and a tote bag to keep everything which I would’ve loved to have make but just didn’t have the time. I made a few changes to each item, which I will share with more detail inside the post. I made this for an American Girl doll but it will fit any 18″ doll!

The pattern I used was McCall’s M5019 and I made Robe B, Pajama Top and Bottom C & Sleeping Bag E. I started off with the sleeping bag which took me FOREVER… this was good because it made the other items seem like the easiest things on the planet but it was bad because I no longer wanted to make any more when I was finished LOL. I made a change to step 3 because it called to iron on the heart appliqués using fusible webbing and I just didn’t like how unfinished it looked. I added some 10/0 silver glass beads around the border of each heart before I basted the exterior fabric to the batting. You can see in the picture below what the hearts were supposed to look like (the left heart) and how I decided to finish them (the right heart). Other than that I followed the steps as written. The exterior of the sleeping bag is this lavender cotton fabric with a dragonfly print, the lining, pillow and one of the heart appliqués is this purple flannel fabric with a butterfly print, the other appliqué is a purple geometric print from a Fabric Quarter and the zipper is a 28″ white plastic dual separating one.


The next item I made was the bathrobe and I just followed the steps according the pattern with the exception that I omitted the lace trim on the sleeves. I picked a crocheted lace that I thought looked beautiful and quickly realized it was way too delicate for this kind of trim so I just did a simple double fold hem on the sleeves. The robe is made from this paisley purple fleece trimmed with a 3/8″ crocheted lace that I can’t find online but is at Joann Fabrics.


The last items I made were the pajama top and bottoms and I made these according to the steps in the pattern. The top is made from the same flannel as the lining of the sleeping bag trimmed with this mini venice lace. The bottoms are made from the same purple geometric print fabric quarter as the heart appliqué.