Gold Console Table


The room is really coming along nicely and now that this console table is finished the only major project left is the dressers. I can’t wait to show you the whole room… it’s turning out even better than I had pictured it! We previously didn’t have a dresser in our room (it got dropped and broke when we moved in), we had a set of cubes under the biggest set of windows in our room instead. I actually really liked this, but when we started planning the remodel I decided I wanted real dressers in the room. I wanted to replace the cubes with something because this set of windows is the first thing you see when you walk in but didn’t want anything too big, as there’s not a ton of space between here and the bed. I decided on a console table, which gives a great decorative touch without taking up too much room. I had downloaded Ikea’s catalogue to my iPad before we took the trip up there for some other pieces and there was a new Laptop Desk that I instantly knew was the answer to my problem! I knew that with a fresh coat of gold paint this table would be perfect, forget the fact that it cost just $35! We moved this into the bedroom yesterday and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it… it works so well with the new curtain panels and really accents the rest of the room!

This could not have been easier to paint… which is you’ve ever tried your hand at painting furniture is a huge relief. I put the table together exactly as the instructions stated leaving the glass out for now, though you could leave the little book shelf off it you wanted a true console table. I dropped down a plastic tarp in our garage and started with the bottom of the desk up. I applied a light first coat of Kyrlon’s 18Kt. Gold Metallic Spray Paint and waited an hour, then applied a second coat. I waited another hour, flipped the table right side up and applied a light coat to the top of the table. After another hour I applied the final coat and let dry completely. I then moved it into our room, adjusted the bottom feet to level the table and added in the glass and the shelf piece (which I painted separate and just slid in).

The vase and the milk bottle on the top left are both from Ikea and the shelf houses the family bible we read each night before bed, which coincidentally has gold-gilded pages that looks beautiful on the table.


The orchid in the middle of the table also came from Ikea and I am obsessed with it. They had tons of different phalaenopsis species but I was immediately drawn to this one that was not only the perfect color purple but it looked like an inkblot which I love. I planted it ina ceramic pot with a cool geometric print on it, also from Ikea, that I planned on painting silver but I liked the way the white looked.


To the far right is a gold wire tree that you may recognize as it used to be in my office. It’s from Urban Outfitters and I almost died when I saw it in the store as my grandmother had an identical one. I wanted to move it to our room because not only did it go perfectly with the table but it’s like having a piece of my grandmother in our room always. Underneath the tree are two hammered brass Nate Berkus bowls that are holding random pieces of jewelry.