Happy Holidays

happy holidays

I wanted to take the time this morning to wish all of you that follow me a very happy holidays! I spent the evening last night at my grandmother’s house with our family, a tradition that I’ve loved since I was a little girl. Back then we lived in Philadelphia and would drive to New York and my brother and I would spend the night in her basement anxiously awaiting santa’s arrival. When I got older and we moved back my grandmother would take me every year to pick out a dress, shoes and all the accessories to wear on Christmas Eve. Now that there are lots of little ones running around it’s turned into a really fun night watching them get their gifts and play with one another. This morning we’re bringing back another tradition that we haven’t been able to do in a few years. We used to always wake up early and my brother and I would open gifts with my parents before heading over to my other grandmother’s for Christmas breakfast. In the past few years my grandmother started having her breakfasts at my parent’s house and my brother moved into his own home with my niece and so we haven’t spent Christmas day together in a while. My mom worked really hard this year to work it all out so that this morning my brother and I would be at her house to open presents together with my husband and my niece. My parents are going to cook Christmas dinner and we’ll spend the day here, I can’t wait! I hope all of your are able to continue on your most favorite traditions and make some really wonderful memories this year! I wanted to share a few personal pictures from my family’s Christmas’ past (click on either of the collages to bring up full size):

christmas collage 1

{from left to right, top row, then bottom} My gramma Jean with my parents and my brother and I, my brother and I with santa, my parents with my brother and I, my grandma Arline and I, my mom and I. 
christmas collage 2

{from left to right, top row, then bottom} My brother and I, all my cousins on my dad’s side (except for some reason my cousin Jasyn is missing from the picture!) with my gramma Jean, all the rest are my brother and I!