Wrapping Gifts for Men

Men's Gift Wrapping

I know that if any of you are like me, your day today is dedicated to wrapping the last of your Christmas gifts. Every year I pick  sort of theme for my wrapping and this year I chose silver and gold glitter to match our tree. The problem that I run in to every year is that the wrapping always runs on the feminine side and I never know how to wrap presents for the men in my life. This year I came up with a couple of cool ideas and so I thought it would be nice to share those with you because they’re so easy you can use them today while you finish up your wrapping! Also, if you’re just looking for a cool card to make for a man check out my men’s shirt card tutorial!

I’ll start off with the newspaper print gift wrapping because that’s my favorite! I stumbled upon this idea by accident and thought it was really clever… I made a few tweaks to simplify things and I loved the way it turned out. I was looking for some DIY’s for men and found next to nothing (so that’s become one of my new year’s resolutions, to do more DIYs that we can make for the men in our lives!) but I did find a great website called Man Made DIY and that’s where I found this wrapping. I took a piece of our news paper and traced a standard piece of printer paper’s shape onto a page that had mostly words (you don’t want pictures). I cut the newspaper to size and then put it in my printer… keep in mind you want to put it in your printer so that the words will print on the wrong side. I typed the names into text boxes in Pages (I’m using a Mac) in impact font, size 144, with a space between each of the letters and in a light gray color. I then flipped the text so that it was backwards because you’re going to flip the letters over once they’re cut out so you end up with the side that wasn’t printed on right-side-up. I printed onto the newspaper page and then used an exacto-knife to cut out the letters. I wrapped the gifts in brown paper that comes in a roll from Ikea and then used a glue stick to glue the newspaper letters on to the package. Another cool idea (that I unfortunately didn’t think of until just now) would be to print out a page from a favorite comic or book and cut the letters from that to truly make it personalized to your recipient!

newspaper wrapping

The other idea I came up with for this year was to find wrapping paper that’s design mimicked that of a men’s dress shirt. I’ve been buying my husband a lot of gingham shirts this year and my dad wears a lot of pinstriped ones. I REALLY lucked out a couple months ago while we were at  Ikea in Canada because they have a set of 3 rolls of wrapping paper… one was gingham, one was pinstripes and the other was polka dots (which I used for the girls on my list) and they were in gray and white! It was perfect and so I wrapped the men’s gifts in the gingham and pinstriped and used a mix of big satin ribbons in a pewter color and the bright silver curling ribbons (as seen in the first picture). I think these turned out pretty cool and it definitely gives the packages a more masculine feel. I think this would also be perfect to keep in mind for birthdays, anniversaries and of course, father’s day!