Hand Stamped Metal Necklaces

stamped necklaces

I made these a few months ago and think they would be not only a really cool gift to give someone but a great alternative to the standard tag on gifts. Make personalized discs for each person on your list and tie them to the ribbons… not only will they be easily identified but they can take it off the gift and use it as a necklace! I had originally thought hand stamping metal was a big complicated process but I am here to tell you it is so easy you can knock a bunch of these out in an afternoon. The best part is you can use super inexpensive materials to stamp like washers and save yourself tons of money on a totally personalized pendant!

Start off by figuring out what you want to stamp on, first off, I’ll show you the washer style ones. My husband asked me to make this one for him, he wanted three washers- two with our dog’s names and one with mine on it. I used 1/2″, 3/8″ and 1/4″ flat washers from the Home Depot (you have to be careful because a lot of the washers there are already stamped). Next you’ll need the stamping kits… I went all the way to Harbor Freight Tools to get mine (they’re made to stamp names on tools) and then found out you can get the kits at Joann Fabrics and use a 50% off coupon, lesson learned lol. I used the 1/8″ set for these washers, which is small on the biggest washer but barely fits on the smallest. Place the stamp on the washer and hit it several times hard with a hammer.  A couple of notes: I tried doing this on a stack of magnets and it barely scratched the washers… I figured out you have to do it on a cement floor (think basement or garage), also you have to be careful when hitting with the hammer because if it slips it will look like the last E in my name in the picture. Once you’ve stamped the letter you can leave it as it (subtly visible) or you can color it in with a black sharpie and wipe the excess off quickly to make a more defined letter… continue until your name is spelled out. I stacked these and strung it on some black suede cording to finish the necklace.

how to stamp metal

The other way to make these literally takes seconds, that’s the monogrammed copper pendants. I used a 1″ .4MM disc for the one shown in the picture, they come in a pack as shown below from Joann Fabric’s. These discs are so thin that it barely takes one hit from the hammer to stamp them. I did the two smaller letters (my husband and mine’s first names) with the 1/8″ stamps and the large letter (our last name) with a 1/4″ set.  I colored the letters in the same manner as above and attached it to a silver chain with a small jump ring.



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