Sparkling Ornament Wreath

I’m sure many of you have seen lots of variations of this wreath on Pinterest where people take a wire hanger and thread ornaments onto it making a “perfect” wreath but from what I’ve read online it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds. Armed with that info I decided to just glue the ornaments onto a styrofoam wreath form which turned out to be a really easy way to do it. Another plus of doing it that way is that I was able to fill in any blanks spaces with glittered picks with added an even more sparkly touch! You could do this in any color scheme to which makes this a great gift because you can personalize it to the recipients Christmas color scheme. Before I give you the very simple tutorial, a bit of business to take care of! I have added a Christmas category to the main menu at the top of the page… It will include all of last year’s and this year’s Christmas recipes and crafts so click there for some inspiration! My Etsy shop will “close” (be in vacation mode) this Thursday (11/29) as I will be taking my inventory to a big shopping event that I have been asked to be a vendor for. I will stay closed on Friday to fill the shop with all of the Christmas inventory that I have been working non-stop to make and I will re-open on Saturday morning. Be sure to check back then so you can get first crack at all the new merchandise! At the end of each post from now until Christmas I will include similar posts relating to whatever the craft or recipe is for that day so that you can have lots of inspiration! I am also going to be doing a couple of giveaways so keep your eyes peeled for that too. Okay, I think that takes care of all the business now let’s start getting ready for the holidays! 

I started off with a 16″ styrofoam wreath form that’s flat on the front instead of the normal tube style ones. It was pretty thick so I cut it in half using a knife, and then later discovered they make cutters specifically for this purpose lol. I found the ornaments in the $1 bins in the front of Target a couple of weeks ago but you can find cheap ornaments all over this time of year. I chose bright bold colors in this sort of disco ball style because I thought it was a fun way to decorate for the holidays without being so literal. Since it was a couple of weeks ago I’m not sure if they’ll still have the exact same ones but I saw in Target’s ad this week they have this similar pack of 50 for just 15$. I just started gluing the ornaments to the wreath form in clusters using a hi temp glue gun, alternating between large and small ornaments. I noticed that no matter how much I played around with spacing  there were still gaps, so I went to the craft store and got about 10 glitter picks in assorted colors and shapes and used those to fill in the spaces.

Before you fill in the whole wreath, loop a piece of thin wire around the wreath for to hang from and then cover it with the last bit of ornaments. The back and a lot of the side was left showing after the ornaments and picks were on so I painted the back with Martha Stewart’s Metallic Copper Paint and covered the sides (on the outside and inside) with small gold tube beads. 

Here’s a list of more wreath’s I’ve made that are great for the Holidays!

1. Dyed Cornhusk Wreath that’s shown in Cranberry and gold but can be done in any color!

2. Christmas Glitter Wreath that’s very similar to this one but much larger and done entirely out of glitter picks!

3. Fabric Scrap Wreath that’s shown in fall colors but super easy to do in any holiday color combination you like!  

4. Felt Rose Wreath that’s shown in Halloween colors but would be beautiful done in red felt with a green bow!