Fall Fabric Scrap Wreath

My favorite crafts are the ones that with a few color changes can be great for any season, like this one. For those of you who have been following me for a long time may remember a version of this wreath that I made for Valentine’s Day. It’s a foam wreath form that gets covered with “scraps” of fabric made by cutting squares using pinking shears. I’ve made them for all holidays but I think the fall themed ones are my favorite because they look like the changing leaves! I won’t bore you with a repeat tutorial (just see the old post for step-by-step instructions) but I will leave you with a couple tips I’ve picked up from making them. Paint the back of your wreath form with an acrylic paint, that way it has a finished look even if no one will see the back. My original wreath is much more sparse in fabric, I like them much fuller and colorful (I use 6 fabric quarters and that’s the perfect amount). For the fall themed one, which would be a great Thanksgiving decoration or a perfect hostess gift, use the colors of changing leaves for your inspiration (greens, browns, yellows, burgundies and oranges) and play around with different prints! If you don’t have the time to make one or you’re just not crafty, I believe there are still a couple that I made available for purchase in my Etsy Shop!