Apple Bourbon Mojitos

Later in the week I’ll do a post on all the amazing food we ate while in Manhattan, but in the meantime I wanted to share a drink I concocted before we left on vacation! We had gone out to eat a few days before we left and had a version of this drink but I tweaked it a bit to make it even more delicious. I packed up all the ingredients and took it on the road with us for the first couple legs of our trip, a hotel room at the best steakhouse in town and then to Philadelphia. One by one my husband’s old teammates and friends stopped into our room as word got out that I had packed a muddler and was making delicious cocktails… I think by the end of the weekend every one was a fan! Lime and fresh mint are muddled together and topped with bourbon, sweet apple cider and a splash of ginger ale making this the PERFECT go-to drink for the fall! 

Start off by putting half of a fresh lime that’s been cut into 4 wedges in the bottom of your glass (mine are from Pier One) with a handful of fresh mint leaves. In a regular mojito you would add sugar too, but after playing around a bit I realized that the cider is sweet enough that you don’t need to add the sugar. Muddled this together then pour in one shot of bourbon (our favorite for mixed drinks is Maker’s Mark) and one shot of sweet apple cider. Add in ice and top with a splash of ginger ale.

Give it a good stir and you’re ready to enjoy all the wonderful flavors of fall in a delicious cocktail! Need some more mojito variations… check out my post from this summer!