Studded iPhone Case

This is a super quick and easy DIY project, which makes it perfect as I am typing this post during halftime of the University of Miami game (go Canes!). I am the first to admit that I change my mind more often then the wind blows, which is why I do so many DIYs. By making things myself, I pay a very small fraction of the price which allows me to switch things up on a whim without feeling guilty. This fall is all about mixing hard metals with softer touches (think rocker-chic) and I have to say, I’m loving it. I saw a designer version of this iPhone case and immediately knew I could make my own for next to nothing! This project couldn’t be any easier or any cheaper, so you can easily knock one out this weekend!

I made this for my iPhone 4s but you can make it for any phone. Start off with a clear plastic snap-on case (seriously, they’re $1.21 on amazon!), some studs (I had leftover ones from my studded pillows) and some E600 glue. I get yards of plastic studs from Joann’s and cut them apart with scissors so that I can lay them flush with each other. I take scissors and do a quick snipe along each edge of the square to get ride of the nubs. Put  a little e600 on the back of each stud and lay it down on the back of your case. I did two rows of four at the top to accommodate the camera, followed by eleven rows of 7 and then a bottom row of six to accommodate the curved edges. Let it dry overnight and you’re good to go! Use any color studs you like, you can even spray paint them if you can’t find a color you like!