Hand-painted Chevron Table Runner

I’ve always been more of a table runner kind of woman than a tablecloth one, so when it came to dressing up the table in the kitchen for the baby shower I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do. I did cover the table with a white table cloth first to give me a blank canvas that allowed for the runner to really pop, but if you had a plain enough table you wouldn’t need to. I had planned on purchasing a white runner and painting it but the one I bought was IMPOSSIBLE to iron! I finally gave up trying to make it work and decided to take an old pair of curtains and just make my own table runner which proved to be much easier than trying to iron the wrinkles out of the other one! I then just taped out the chevron pattern (which was really tedious but a lot less intimidating than I thought it was going to be) and painted it the colors of the shower. It was simple enough not to compete with the cocktail bar that was also in the kitchen, but graphic enough that it still was noticed!

I cut the curtains to the standard table runner size (72″x15″) and just added an inch on both measurements so that I could sew in finished hems along the two unfinished sides, making the final measurement to cut 73″x16″. The top and one side were already hemmed from the curtain so I just sewed in 1″ hems along the bottom and the remaining side. I then cut about a million 4″ long strips of 1″ scotch painter’s tape (and when I say “I cut”, I mean I recruited my husband to suffer with me and cut them all lol). I started at the top left corner of my runner and laid the first piece of tape exactly diagonal with the corner. I then just squared the second piece up with the first and continued across the top. Once this first row was done, I started the second by just laying a ruler down to serve as a guide for the width of my rows. Continue this all the way down your runner until the whole thing is taped off. I wanted two colors in my runner, so I painted every other row with my first color (Martha Stewart’s Satin Multi-Surface Paint in “Wild Blueberry”) and then went back and painted the remaining rows with my second color (Martha Stewart’s Satin Multi-Surface Paint in “Green Pastures”). Once the paint is dry, remove the tape strips and set the paint by ironing the runner with another piece of fabric over it.

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10 thoughts on “Hand-painted Chevron Table Runner

      1. Hi. I love your baby shower decor/ ideas! You did a great job!! By chance do u have the banner, runner or anything to purchase?
        You gave clear instructions for the runner so I may try that myself but I wondered if u had anything to buy as well. Thank you!

  1. I love this! So cute!! What kind of fabric are those curtains? I’m curious if certain fabrics are better for painting. Thanks!

    1. MaLissa, the fabric for these is cotton. I’ve found that cotton is the easiest fabrics for painting on. I also love to use broadcloth with is a mix of polyester + cotton… it’s crazy inexpensive and comes in every color under the sun!

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