Chevron Baby Shower

My cousin and her husband are expecting a baby boy in November and my aunt asked me to plan, cater and decorate the shower that she was throwing for them this past weekend. I was really exciting and honored that she choose me to help with such a special day, but I was equally as terrified as I had never planned a whole event before. After lots of preparing, crafting, cooking, baking and executing (which admittedly left me to neglect the blog for the past few weeks!) everything turned out wonderfully. I was happy to see all of my ideas that had started as sketches on paper turn out exactly how I had pictured them! Pinterest played a big part in my inspiration and there were two showers that I drew a lot from- a vintage bunting baby shower and this wedding shower. I also have to give  my husband a big thanks for all that he helped with. Even though he couldn’t do the crafting, baking or cooking he took over all my normal household chores, made me dinners (which was a nice change up!), kept me sane throughout the whole process and was a huge help on the day of the shower. I wanted to stay as far away from the typical pastel colors and baby shower cliches as possible and go in more of a chic brunch idea instead. I decided on apple green and navy blue for the colors and had a chevron pattern that ran throughout the shower and tied everything together. There were so many things that went into the shower and I want to share as many of the recipes and crafts as I can, so I am going to share with you some of the pictures and information in this post and then spend the next couple of weeks breaking everything down.

The shower was at my aunt’s house, which had the perfect set up for a shower. We were able to break things up into different rooms which made it so everyone could mingle. When guests first walked in to the main foyer, I set up a console table with the favors on it:

I wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t forget to take a favor, so right by the front door made the most sense. I ordered all of the flowers from Lipinoga’s on Main Street in Clarence and they did a fantastic job. I chose a big vase arrangement in the blues and green for the console table and I think it was a great touch. I made giant cookies with a bunting design on them as the favor (get the DIY here). I put the cookies in cellophane treat bags from Target, designed the packaging, printed it onto card stock, stapled it over the top of the bags and displayed them on a long silver tray. I found a really cool filigree frame from a thrift store, but it was an awful gold so I spray painted it with a glossy finished white paint and printed a note thanking people for coming and reminding them to take a favor home with them.

The foyer leads right into a huge kitchen that has a big island in the center of it. I decided to set up the cocktail table there so that guests could come right in, get a drink and them head in to the rest of the shower. I knew this would be the place to make the biggest statement so I decided to hang flowers in domes from the light box above the island:

{Your eyes aren’t going crazy, I had to splice two different pictures together to get the full thing in one picture} I got the hanging glass domes years ago from Crate and Barrel and while they don’t make them any more, they do have ones that are very similar. I asked the florist for blue hydrangeas in half of them and green orchids in the other half. I put champagne glasses on an antique silver tray and each one got these adorable stripey straws from Shop Sweet Lulu. I made flags for the straws that each had a different massage on them. I set out wine glasses, cocktail napkins, a champagne bucket, a Vera Wang wine chiller, carafes filled with juices and a beverage dispenser with cucumber water.

There’s also a small table in the kitchen so I made a table runner out of curtain fabric, painted chevrons on it and put three hydrangea arrangements in square vases up the middle (Get the table runner DIY here).

The kitchen flows into a large family room and that’s where we put all of the gifts and most of the seating. I made bunting to hang on the mantle which incorporated the chevron pattern and the shower colors. I had Lipinoga’s do a long short arrangement for the coffee table in that room. My aunt had a small table set up with the door prizes and the shower game:

I set the dessert table up on another console table on the other side of the room. I made blueberry cupcakes with a maple buttercream frosting (get the recipe here) and set those up on a Martha Stewart Cupcake Tree. I set up 7.5″ Mozaik plates in front of a larger arrangement of green hydrangeas in a 5″ square vase. On the other side of that, I put baby themed sugar cookies that I made on a round silver tray from Pottery Barn.

I put the food table in the dining room which is right off the family room. We decided to do small bites of every thing so that people could literally “try a little of everything”:

I used 10.25″ Mozaik Plates, Silver Plastic Silverware from Party City in a Metal Lace Pot and striped napkins from Ikea. The serving trays were from ikea as well as the 3 tiered glass tray. The apothecary jars came from Michaels, the glass cake stand from Pottery Barn, the white cake stands from Macy’s and Pier One. We served: mini pancakes with raspberries (get the DIY for the stands and the recipe here), mini muffins (chocolate chip, pumpkin carrot and lemon poppyseed), donut holes, rosemary scones, fruit kabobs, brown sugar paninis, chicken salad on endive, blueberry parfaits with yogurt and granola, mini quiche (asparagus with goat cheese and maitake mushroom, cheddar and sage sausage and french ham with gruyere) and vegetable gazpacho.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I will go in to much more detail for each project and recipe in the upcoming weeks so be on the look for that! I could not be more happy for my cousin and her husband as they await their son’s arrival and was honored to be there to help them celebrate!