Easy Maxi Dress 2.0

After I did my post on this easy maxi dress at the beginning of the summer, I played around with it a bit to simplify the process and make a couple of improvements. I had bought a ton of really bold patterned fabric over the winter and I wanted to use it up this was definitely my go-to dress for the summer. I used McCalls 6558 as a starting point and you can get all the details about the original dress from the other post or you can follow this post for the new and improved version!

I started off by cutting the dress according to the pattern instructions with a couple of changes. The first dress I made skimmed on my hips but was baggy up top so I cut the bodice pieces two sizes smaller and the skirt pieces one size bigger. I also didn’t like how thin the elastic was at the top of the bodice so I used 3/4″ instead of the 1/4″ that was suggested.

I also made the decision not to put any elastic where the bodice and the skirt meet for a couple of reasons. Since I used different sizes for the bodice and the skirt I knew to match them up I’d have to do some pleating and I didn’t want to add trying to make a casing for the elastic to that. After making the first dress, I also realized that if you’re always going to belt the dress there’s no point to the waist elastic anyways. I matched up the side seams and just draped the pleats in the middle front and back to allow for the extra slack in fabric and pinned in place. I sewed the bodice to the skirt and pressed the seam up toward the bodice. A simple hem along the bottom and I was done, it literally took me less than an hour from start to finish.

I chose a wider bronze belt that was fairly plain so it wouldn’t compete with the busyness of the pattern. I love how this dress turned out, it was so simple but the bold pattern and colors make it stand out!

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