Painted Fabric Pillows

I’m always playing around making different removable covers for all of our throw pillows because it’s such an inexpensive way to shake things up in a room. Usually I spend a lot of time trying to find a fabric and color scheme that works with our decor and color scheme so I thought why not paint your own fabric to match exactly with what you need! Martha Stewart makes this incredible paint that works on EVERYTHING including fabric and the best part is that once it’s dry and you iron over it, it sets so it can be washed regularly. These pillows may look impressive but since they use a stencil, they are SO easy you can whip up a bunch over a weekend! 

Start off by following the instructions in THIS post to get your three pieces of fabric (I just used unbleached muslin) cut to the right size. Press and sew in the finished seams on the long ends of the two back pieces before painting to make things easier for yourself. Start with your first piece of fabric and set it over newspaper because the paint will soak through the fabric while painting. Set your stencil over the fabric in the top corner, I used Martha Stewart’s “Arabesque” stencil pack. Take some of Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Paint in the color of your choosing (I used “surf”) and get it on your pouncer. Carefully paint in the stencil using an up-and-down motion so you don’t move your stencil.

Continuing moving your stencil around, overlapping where necessary until all three pieces of your fabric are painted with your design.

Wait overnight to ensure that the paint is dried completely. Place another piece of muslin over the painted piece and iron over it in the hottest setting your iron has for 15 seconds. Flip the piece over and do the same, repeat for the other two pieces. This sets the paint in place so that it won’t crack and you can wash it regularly.

Follow THIS TUTORIAL to sew your pillow cover together.

I didn’t think that these were too stiff, but if you do want a really soft texture Martha Stewart also makes a fabric medium that mixes with the paint to soften it once dry. Play around by using different stencils and colors, or mixing more than one color into your pattern! If you liked this post, check out my designer DIY for embellished pillows!