DIY Belle Noel Ponytail Chains

hairchain diy copy


I still have a couple of posts to finish off my Anniversary Dinner series (see the first three posts herehere and here) but I thought I’d break it up a bit with an easy designer DIY. I first saw these on Kim Kardashian last year and they come from a collaboration line she did with Pascal Mouwad for the Belle Noel Jewelry line. I decided to shorten the chain mostly because I have shorter hair but also because I felt like hers hung way too low. I also liked the idea of shortening the strands of chain because then you can wear it a ton of different ways. You can wear it like it’s shown above, wear it with your hair totally down or throw your hair up in a bun and wear it underneath for a chic surprise! I love this because it makes the simplest of hairstyles look really cool! If you want to purchase my DIY of these designer ponytail chains, just head over to my Etsy Shop!



Below is my inspiration board for this project!

All you need for this project is assorted chains (think different colors, links, etc. to add variety), jump rings, pliers and small hair combs.

You can add as many pieces of chain as you like to your hair combs, mine had 12 holes in a large comb so I cut them into smaller pieces with 4 holes each. Start by using your pliers to open a jump ring and thread it through one of the holes.

Then loop the end of a piece of chain to the jump ring and close it using your pliers.

Do the same to connect that piece of chain to the other comb. Continue like this changing the length of chain for each strand so that when clipped into your hair it hangs in scalloped pattern. Since the chain weighs the clips down, they have to go either straight down into your hair or towards the middle so it won’t slip out.

Below is a picture of an alternate way to wear it!

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