Anniversary Dinner: Decor

 Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. Since people are still talking about the dinner I planned for our first anniversary, I thought I’d dedicate all the posts this week to different aspects of that. Since it was our first, I didn’t want to go out somewhere because I wanted it to just be the two of us so I planned this crazy extravagant french themed evening. After weeks of planning, cooking, decorating, ordering and designing we had an incredible evening that included a seven course authentic french meal. It was so much work, but our anniversary couldn’t have been more perfect so it was definitely worth it. Today’s post will be on the decor and tablescapes and the rest of the week will be dedicated to the recipes for each course of the meal!

I’ll start off with the dining room table. We ate most of the meal outside (the weather was absolutely perfect that night) but we did eat the main course inside. I wanted it to look elegant but in a very subtle way so I choose to do a table runner with inexpensive items instead of a full tablecloth. The runner is a linen one with a hemstitch border from Pottery Barn. This table runner is super versatile in a sense that you can dress it way up or dress it way down… I ended up buying the white one too after this dinner, we use them all the time. I ordered 4 hydrangea stems from our florist, picked them up the morning of our anniversary and floated them in 4 short square vases from Joann fabrics. I took plain glass tea light votives and painted them with glue and covered them in brown and gold bugle beads. Once the tea lights were light in them they glowed a metallic gold that picked up nicely on the gold trim of our china. The napkins and placemats are from this Bardwil Collection. The chargers underneath the china are Villeroy & Boch in a metallic gold glass. Our china is all from the Vera Wang Gilded Weave Collection. The wine glasses are from the Pier One Crackled Glass collection (and they’re currently on sale!)

I like to make menus when I’m making a big dinner for a couple of reasons. One, my husband always asks for one (he likes to know what we’re going to be eating ahead of time) and two, I think it adds a really elegant touch. I started with full sheets of card stock and I stamped all the way up the sides of each side with the same stamp we used on our wedding invitations. Martha Stewart has this amazing set that comes with a bunch of damask and filigree designs on reusable rubber stamps that stick onto a big plastic block.

I then trimmed the card stock on both sides right through the middle of the damask stamps to cut them in half. I designed the menu in Pages (on my Mac, you could use Word in a PC) with just a list of the courses, what we were going to be eating and what wines/champagnes were being paired with each course. At the top I included a monogram that i designed… The Wedding Chicks have a whole section of DIY invitation suites that include lots of personalized monograms! Once they were printed, I glued them on top of a gold glitter card stock.

The last thing I decorated was our backyard patio. We spent most of the evening out here so I wanted to make sure it looked just as good as the inside. I set up 2 of our chaise lounge chairs with their cushions and a white mohair throw blanket. I decorated the outdoor coffee table with a vase filled with brightly color tea roses in a japanese vase. I then filled 3 huge hurricane vases with water and floated  tea rose candles from pottery barn in them to match the real flowers. I then planted lantern stakes in the side garden and hung lanterns from there. I also moved our record player and a bin of Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams records to the backyard so we had some music to listen to.