My Etsy Shop is Open for Business!


When I started this website, I could not have imagined how much it would grow or how quickly! I am so grateful that every one has embraced it in the way they have and that it reaches as many people as it does. I receive so many emails asking if I have an Etsy shop or if my crafts can be purchased. The answer up until now has been no, but after careful consideration and A LOT of preparation I can now say YES! As of today some of the crafts seen on Making It With Danielle will be available to purchase through My Etsy Shop. A lot of you have told me that you don’t sew, don’t have the time to craft or that DIY-ing is just not your thing. I have posted some of the most popular and most requested crafts (the House of Harlow inspired headpieces and the roll up makeup brush bags) on the shop already and my plan is to add to the shop as I go. Whenever I do a post on this blog that gets a good response (and it’s something that can easily be reproduced), I’ll make more and make them available to purchase in the shop. There is a limited quantity of things available in the shop as of right now, I wanted to start small and grow as the website continues to. My hope is that you all can enjoy the crafts seen on Making It With Danielle even if you can’t make them for yourself. You can get to the shop by clicking on the link above or by entering in your browser’s address bar. I have also added a tab on the web page’s menu… I hope every one enjoys!