I had never had a mojito until a few weeks ago, wow was I missing out! My husband would occasionally get them when we were out to dinner and I just never tried them, Im glad I finally did. This is one of the most deliciously fresh and bright cocktails you can make, which is perfect in the summertime. We experimented the other night (well I did, my husband wasn’t interested in being adventurous lol) with different flavors and came up with some good ones! Orange basil, the original Lime Mint flavor and even a strawberry one… getting the freshest ingredients possible is key to perfecting these! If you’re hosting people this weekend and are stumped for clever cocktail ideas, set up a mojito bar! All you need is containers with wedges of limes, oranges, strawberries, etc… some sugar, mint and basil leaves, rum, club soda and a giant bucket of ice. That way people can create there own flavors and you don’t have to play bartender all night… just type up a couple cards with the instructions and let them make the mojitos themselves! 

For the original mojito: Combine 4 fresh squeezed lime wedges (half a lime), a big handful of mint leaves and 2 tsp sugar in the bottom of a tall glass. For the strawberry mojito, just add some fresh halved strawberries at this point. For the orange basil mojito: combine 4 wedges of squeezed fresh orange, a small handful of basil leaves and 2 tsp sugar  to the bottom of a tall glass. Muddle these to break up the leaves a little, mix in the sugar and finish juicing the pieces of lime and orange. If you don’t have a muddle, use the back of a spoon or the wrong side of a long wooden spoon.

muddling mojitos

Add some ice to the glass and pour in one shot of white rum (we use Bacardi) and then top off with club soda.

Be sure to stir well with a long cocktail spoon to get the sugar up off the bottom of the glass. Because of the leaves, you have to drink these through a straw! Hope every one is having a great weekend with their family and friends!