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HOH Headpieces and My DIYs

I’ve been making these for a couple of months now, but I wanted to wait to do my Designer DIY post until I had made all the styles. I love, love, love the headpieces in Nicole Richie’s fashion line, House of Harlow 1960. There are a lot of them and they range in cost… starting at $165 for the plain chain ones and all the way up to $485 for the coin one. I made all five of these for under 10$! Before we get into things, let me just say that I know these aren’t for everyone… people either love or hate them. I get stopped all the time when we’re out asking where I bought mine (which is always a great compliment!) but I know there’s equally as many people who think they’re silly (my dad being the biggest culprit!). I happen to love them, I think they’re chic and a unique way to accessorize and since you’re the one making them, you know no one else will have anything like it! If you’re not crafty or you don’t have the time, you can by these headpieces from my etsy shop!

Here is the inspiration board for this project… I love all the different ways she wears them!

And here are my DIY versions:

My HOH1960 Headpieces

I’ll start off with the most complicated one, the multi strand coin headpiece.

I looked EVERYWHERE for lightweight gold coins and came up with nothing. By chance when we were in WalMart, I checked their beading aisle and found these ones. I took the jump rings that came with them off and used a bead reamer and a hammer to punch a hole on the other side. Once you have a bunch punched on both sides, start stringing them together with the jump rings. This headpiece has one strand up the middle and then 3 strands on either side. There’s no way to give a specific length to any of the strand in the headpieces, you have to just keep holding it up to your head to see where they fall. Make the central strand first and then work on the side strands. To connect all the pieces together, you’ll need to build a foundation of sorts which requires more holes in the front coins so that it lays flat. It should look like the middle bottom picture below. Connect all three side strands on one side with a lobster clasp and add a small piece of chain with a jump ring to the other side strands. 

coin headpiece

The idea of securing the back with chain and a clasp is that it won’t get tangled. With so many coins and strands it gets so easily twisted… even with this closure it will twist a little.

Coin Headpiece

The next one is the beaded one and this will serve as the basis for all the chain headpieces.

Take a piece of fishing line and use your pliers to secure a crimp bead about 2 inches from the end. Use flat glass beads in several different shades of brown to string together a strand long enough for your center strand. I made this one a little longer so it would set on my forehead instead of further back on my head. Slip on another crimp bead, then a jump ring and then thread the fishing line over the jumping through the crimp bead and secure. Remove the original crimp bead on the other end and repeat the same process on this end so you have your central strand with a jump ring on either end. Repeat with the two side strands, but instead of adding their own jump rings, secure them to the central jump ring.

beaded headpiece

The rest of the headpieces are so simple to make, just secure chains of various colors and links with jump rings and you’re done! You can do just one strand on the side or two, play around with lengths… the headpieces can sit on your forehead or further back on your head.

Nicole Richie recently previewed her spring collection of her other label, Winter Kate and she had some really intricate and much more in-your-face headpieces. I plan to attempt to recreate some of those soon so keep a look out for that post!

22 thoughts on “DIY House of Harlow Headpieces

  1. This blog is amazing! I love how creative you are! I made my own headpiece from an old necklace for free! i do want to try other styles and I will be saving your blog to use as a guide!! I like the way you wear it when it’s closest to your hair line rather than touching your forehead, that style suits you! xoxo

  2. Danielle,

    I am having trouble finding small lightweight gold coins…I know you got yours at WalMart, but is there a chance you still have the packaging information? I need all the help I can get trying to find these!!

    Thanks so much

    1. I went back to Walmart last week to get more of these and they didn’t have the same ones as before. The newer ones I was able to find are a more copper color than bronze. The packaging says Glass Beads on it which is odd because that’s not at all what they are. They’re made by a company called Cousin and they have a website on the back ( but it doesn’t look like they sell online. The product # is AJM63615004 COPPER DISCS. Hope that helps! If not, I am working on a couple headpieces for the Etsy shop using the ones I have. I will let you know when they’re added and if you like you can buy one already made from there!

  3. Great job! I found one the exact ‘coin’ pieces in a thrift shop and I am excited for my first DIY. This def. helps.

  4. Nice headpiece! For more choices in coins, try Googling +bellydance OR +”belly dance” and coins or diy or components or crafts. Lots of ’em out there!

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