Pop Up Mother’s Day Card



Pop Up Flower Cards

I have done an updated post on these cards, with a step-by-step video to make this even easier – see it here!

I made these cards for Mother’s Day last year and even thought they were time consuming, I loved them so I wanted to recreate them to share with all of you. If you don’t have a card yet to go along with your Mother’s Day gifts, this leaves you plenty of time to make on before this weekend! I also like the idea that you can send a “bouquet of flowers” in the mail and unlike real flowers, these will last forever! On an unrelated note (I keep forgetting to mention it!), make sure all of you use the link on the side of the page to follow my twitter page (@MakingItWithD). I have been really making an effort to not only alert to new posts, but to share what I’m up to and what’s been inspiring me! 

Start off by cutting 7 pieces if colored card stock into 4″ squares. Take one square and fold it into quarters (fold it in half and then in half once more). Take one flap and fold it down in a diagonal (Make sure you’re taking a folded edge and bringing it down to another folded edge). Flip the card stock over and repeat on the other side so now you have a triangle with all three folded sides on one side. Trace a semi circle shape onto the triangle (or use the template here). Cut out the shape and once your card stock is unfolded, you will have a flower shape with 7 petals. Cut one petal off and glue the two petal on either side so they overlap, this way you have more of a 3d flower.

folding flowers

Repeat with the six remaining squares of card stock until you have seven total 3d flowers.

Now you’re ready to glue together your bouquet and it gets extremely hard to explain. Basically, you’re going to pick three flowers to be the top of the bouquet. For explanation purposes I’ll just use the colors to do my best to instruct you. Lay the teal flower (folded in half) so that the three petals are facing upwards. Gluing just the tips of the petals together, glue one of the light purple petals to the left petal on the teal flower. Glue one petal of the medium purple flower to the right petal of the teal flower and then lay all 3 flat. Fold the pink flower in half and glue the left petal to the light purple, the middle petal to the teal and the right petal to the medium purple. Fold the mint flower in half and glue the right petal to the pink and the middle and left petal to the light purple. Fold the blue flower in half and glue the left petal to the pink flower and the middle and right petal to the medium purple flower. Fold the dark purple flower in half and glue the left petal to the mint flower, the middle to the pink and the right to the blue flower. Take a 10″x6″ piece of white card stock and fold it in half to serve as the base for your card. Lay the “bouquet” along the fold as shown. Put some glue on the middle petal of the dark purple flower and close the card, wait a second for the glue to dry.

gluing flowers

Flip over and repeat with the teal flower, securing the bouquet to the inside of the card. Now it should fold flat and when opened, the bouquet will pop open. Cut random leaf shapes out of a green card stock and stagger them around the flowers. Use a marker or paint to dot the middle of all the flowers.

If you like this card, be sure to check out my Flower Pot card… find it HERE!

15 thoughts on “Pop Up Mother’s Day Card

  1. Thanks for these step by step, color by color instructions. They are way better than the ones on the Martha Stewart website. I could actually complete this project with yours!

  2. Thanks so much! I was sitting with my flowers paper clipped together based on the picture on the Martha Stewart website trying to figure out what goes where when I saw your comment and came to your blog.

  3. Martha should hire you! Even my grandchildren could follow this for their mother! Thanks for taking your time to do this.

  4. Thanks for the helpful instructions. I agree that yours are soooo much clearer than Martha’s. I’m also glad that you are on email, since I haven’t yet joined facebook, though my kids say I should. I have never been to your site before and enjoyed it today. Thanks!

  5. Thank you! I forgot it was Mothers Day, but with your help I was able to finish this card in time. Mama loves it!

  6. Thank You Danielle! So easy with your instructions! I made it as a wedding bouquet card with dangling hearts made of money.

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