Etched Easter Eggs

I haven’t really done a whole lot of crafts for Easter this year, mostly because we won’t be here for the actual day but I though I would share one that I did do. This is really simple and pretty fast all things considered so if you’re looking for a last minute decoration this is perfect! Straying from the usual dyed eggs, these ones are etched after they’re colored giving them a really unique look. The best part about these is that I used blown out eggs so if packed away with care, you can use them year after year!

Start by blowing out your eggs. There are a lot of different ways to do this but I think I’ve found the easiest. Take a straight pin and poke a hole at the top and bottom of your egg. Next take a bead reamer and file the hole a little bigger while breaking up the yolk at the same time (breaking up the yolk will make evacuating the inside much easier). You can now just blow into one of the holes and the egg will come out of the bottom but aside from taking forever you’re probably going to get a pretty big headache. The solution I’ve found to this problem is to take a syringe (I use one thats made for injecting marinades into turkeys) and suck the insides out. The syringe will get out most of the insides but you’ll still have to blow a little bit of the yolk out through the bottom. Once you’ve blown out all the eggs, run hot water over them and blow through the insides. Set upright to dry and then rub each one with a cotton ball dipped in white vinegar. Next, set up your dyes. I just got a generic egg decorating kit for 1$ at WalMart. Put each different colored tablets of dye into separate cups and add 3 tbsp of vinegar to each. Let these sit until the tablets have completely dissolved. Drop the eggs into the dye. I don’t add any water into the cups because I want the color to be as dark as possible. In order to keep these eggs submerged I just taped the dipper to the side of the cup holding the eggs down.

getting eggs ready

Once the eggs have reached your desire shade, take them out and let them dry on an upside down egg carton. To etch the eggs once they’re totally dry, use a small box cutter. You can either drag towards you with it or push away. Use more of the side of the blade for wider strips or the tip for fine detail. You can do any design you like, I did a scalloped border with an easter basket and some flowers in the middle, a simple pattern all over the egg, a dandelion that was blowing it’s leaves in the wind and three simple flowers.

etched eggs

I did these ones fairly quickly, but depending on how much time you wanted to spend on these you could come up with some very intricate designs! Happy Easter from my family to yours, I hope you all have a blessed one!