Menu Board

I know I haven’t done a home tip in a while, but this is a really good one. Creating a menu board for your kitchen is a really helpful way to solve a lot of common problems. I always plan out our meals for the week but it seems like by the end of that week, a lot of the ingredients have gone bad which forces us to completely change the menu or have to buy the ingredients twice. This board is incredibly easy to make and since it’s dry erase, I can play around with different meals organizing them in a way that makes the most sense. I make it so the meals that have the most fresh herbs/easily perishable ingredients go earlier in the week and the things that can be frozen/have a longer shelf life go later in the week. I like this board for a lot of different reason as well… it allows my husband to check every morning and see what we’re having for dinner which is nice to include him, it allows me to only buy groceries that we need instead of buying a bunch with no set plan, and it’s so easily customizable that it can fit anyones decor.

Supplies: Frame (whatever size you desire works, mine was an 11″x14″ matted to an 8″x10″), Cardstock (to be used as the background), Alphabet stickers in a contrasting color from the background, Picture Wire for hanging, ruler and a dry erase marker.

Start by trimming your card stock to fit within the frame. Measure out the intervals between the days so everything is evenly spaced. I choose to add the word “Menu” to the top of mine with silver letters, you can put anything you want at the header or choose to omit it completely. Add in the days of the week in whatever order you prefer. I grocery shop on Friday evenings so I start my week on a Saturday. Once you have all the days of the week complete, fit the card stock into your frame.

Add the picture wire to the back of the frame. You could add regular picture hangers, but I find the wire much more practical since you’ll be taking the board down and up at least once a week.

Use you’re dry erase marker to write on your meals. If you have plans to go to a friends, out to eat or are going to be out of town any time that week, write it in. That way you’ll be reminded that you don’t need to plan a meal or buy groceries for that day.

I have our menu board hanging on a wall that leads into our kitchen, but you can hang it any where you like!