DVF “Trelodie” Blouse

This is my first post in the new Designer DIY section of the website, and I’m really excited to share it with all of you. I saw this DVF blouse a few months ago, immediately fell in love with it and knew I could make it pretty easily and for much cheaper (it retails for $225). I had gotten this burberry sheer chiffon for a crazy good deal (a 2 1/2 yard remnant at 6$ a yard, on sale at 50% off with an additional 15% off coupon) and had been racking my brain as to what to use it for… and then it hit me that it would be perfect for this project! I used Burda’s 7299 pattern in view B. I always make my garments out of muslin first so that I can have a fabric pattern and also to ensure a perfect fit and in this case I’m glad I did. I made the muslin in the size true to my measurements according to the patterns chart and it was enormous. I ended up cutting the final pattern two sizes smaller and still had to take in 1″ on both sides. I love this shirt for the endless options it leaves for making it… you could use a satin like it’s pictured in the mint color or a use chiffon like I did, you could take the sleeves off to make a fantastic top for summertime, etc. 

Here is the Diane Von Furstenberg blouse that was my inspiration:


I absolutely love the gathering on the sleeve at the shoulder and the yoking at the top off the blouse. 

You can wear the blouse many ways- with the neck tied in a bow like shown in the pictures above, or you can tie it in a single knot or just leave it totally untied. 

There is a finished neck slit underneath the neck ties that secures with a thread loop and button.

The sleeves are slightly exaggerated at the top where they gather at the shoulder, but taper nicely thanks to two darts that are sewn into the cuff.

I attached one of my labels in the back just below the neck tie for a finishing touch and that’s it! 

I did an updated version of this that’s sleeveless with studded shoulders, check out the post here!