Framed Jewelry Box

I’ve been trying to come up with the best way to do this for quite a while and it was definitely worth the wait! I was having the same problem I think a lot of women have… I have a lot of jewelry and haven’t really found a great way to store it all. I wanted a way to store the jewelry while putting it on display at the same time. I’ve seen a couple ideas where people put chicken wire or string behind a frame on a wall and hang things on it but I wanted something a little more put together to hang in my office. My solution was to literally make a “jewelry box” and frame it in the same style frame as the Alexander McQueen prints. It’s the perfect touch on the blank wall above my reading chair and I think it’s really unique. The best part is you can make it any size, shape or color you want to fit the room you’re putting it in and that allows you have a one-of-a-kind piece of art that doubles as storage… plus it’s perfect for the gifts everyone got for Valentine’s Day! 

Supplies:  shadow box (mine was 11″x14″), piece of 1/4″ foam to fit inside the shadow box, hot glue gun, frame same size as the shadow box (Mine was an 11″x14″ that was matted to fit an 8″x10″ photo, I just removed the mat), Stretch Velvet to cover the foam in whatever color you prefer, T pins, Hinges that fit the side of your shadow box, short screws (to replace the ones that come with the hinges because you don’t want them to go through the front of the frame), Thread, screwdriver or drill.

Start by taking everything apart. Take the backing and the “foam board” it comes with off of the shadow box leaving you with nothing but the front of the box. The glass that would normally be the front of the shadowbox is going to be the back. Take the backing and the mat out of the picture frame leaving you with nothing but the frame and the glass. Take the picture hanger off the frame and put it on the shadow box wherever you want to hang it from.

Next screw one half of 2 hinges to the back of the picture frame towards the inside edge. It’s important that your screws are the right length, they can’t be longer that the width of the frame otherwise they’ll poke through the front and ruin your frame. Once the hinges are secured to the frame, line up the shadow box to fit inside the open part of the frame and secure the hinges to the side of the box. 

Now that you’ve built the actual “jewelry box”, all that’s left is to fill it! Take your foam and cover it with the stretch velvet, securing it in the back with the hot glue. I was putting all silver jewelry in my frame and since I obviously didn’t want it to tarnish, I ordered black silver cloth for my backing. If you’re not putting silver in the frame it’s much cheaper and practical to just use stretch velvet. Hang the jewelry on the foam using your T pins. Mine were too long so I just used wire cutters to cut them in half.

Now you’re ready to hang your jewelry box! My frame was quite heavy so when I hung mine the frame kept popping open. If you run into this problem, just attach small screws to the frame and the box and wind a piece of thread between the two to keep the box shut.