Paper Heart Garland

This is a really quick, easy and super cute craft for Valentine’s Day.  I love this because it’s something so simple that really adds a unique decorative touch to any area of your house. It’s a versatile idea too, it would be fantastic for a kid’s birthday party! You can play around with different colors and prints, change the sizes or even add more strips make this craft truly yours!

Supplies: Card stock or heavy weight paper in various prints and colors (I used sheets from 2 DCWV stacks, “Garden Party” and “It’s All About the Girls”), stapler, scissors, ruler, string, hole punch

Start by cutting the strips you will use to make your hearts. You will cut 2 of each size for each heart: 2″ x 1″, 4″ x 1″, 5″ x 1″ and 6″ x 1″. This part gets tricky to explain so just follow the pictures if you’re confused. Place the two shortest strips together, with the right sides facing. With the right sides facing in towards the short strips, add the other strips (3 on each side) going longest to shortest. Staple the stack of strips close to the edge. Make the hearts by bending out the strips and once they’re all lined up, staple on the outside bottom. Punch a small hole on the top 2 strips to allow the hearts to hang.

You can cut more strips and line the insides of the hearts also if you want a more 3D look.

Thread a string through the tops of the hearts and hang wherever desired!