Fabric Scrap Wreath

By using different color schemes, you can make this wreath for any Holiday but this one I made for Valentine’s Day. This craft is really easy and quick and takes minimal supplies so if you just need something to fill an empty window, this wreath is perfect! In case you missed my last post, I’ve included a Valentine’s Day Tab at the top of the page’s menu so you can easily locate all the recipes and crafts for the upcoming Holiday!

Supplies: Pinking Shears, Knitting Needle, hot glue gun, ribbon, 12″ foam wreath form, and Scraps of Fabric in the colors you want to use… I used 2 (1/2 yard) remnants and 9 Fabric Quarters (on sale for $.99)** all in pinks and white. ** I only used about a third of this fabric so I had a lot left over but I still wouldn’t have gotten less because I like the combination of so many different prints.

I started by measuring each of my squares and cutting them 3″ by 3″ but very quickly realized this would take a lifetime. I started cutting each square by eyeballing them, just using the length of the scissors as my guide and that worked just fine. Once you have a bunch of squares cut, put one over the tip of a knitting needle forming a sort of cone shape. Put a little bit of hot glue on the tip and then poke it into the wreath form. Continue alternating prints and colors until you have one ring around the wreath. Repeat to do two more rows inside your first one and two more rows outside your first one. 

Tie a ribbon around the wreath and hang from a nail.