Crocheted Dog Sweater

We have two miniature pinschers, Sebastian will be 2 on Valentine’s Day and Weezy (in the picture above) will be 4 in June.  As I mentioned in a previous post, they wear sweaters in the wintertime for function not fashion. They are a very small breed of dog (just 7 and 10 pounds) and are prone to pneumonia so we try to keep them as warm as possible during the cold months. The biggest problem I’ve had since we got Weezy is that the store-bought sweaters are two things: crazy expensive and terrible quality. They’re great for a short period of time but they fall apart in the washer and they stretch out until they just hang off their bodies. I recently learned how to do a basic crochet and thought I’d take a stab at a super simple pattern I came up with to crochet a handmade sweater for Weezy. It ended up turning out great… the combination of the suede yarn and the small hook I used resulted in a tight-knit super warm sweater that Weezy has been living in since I finished it!

Supplies: size H (5mm) crochet hook, yarn (I used Lion Brand’s suede yarn in a great rust color) and a yarn needle.

Start off by measuring the top of your dog’s body. From armpit to armpit, Weezy was about 10″ by 10″. Add an inch across (you don’t want the sweater to be skin-tight) and take a couple of inches off the length (you don’t want the sweater too far down on their backside), then crochet a rectangle reflecting these measurements. In my case, the top piece ended up being 11″ by 8″. Next measure underneath… go from armpit to armpit again and measure about half way down their abdomen (you have to leave enough free space underneath for them to go to the bathroom). This measurement for me ended up being 5″ by 7″. Once you have both pieces crocheted, use your yarn needed to sew the two pieces together leaving about a 3.5″ gap on each seam for the arm holes. Next crochet a long piece for the neck. The width is whatever you prefer… I wanted to roll mine over making a little bit of a turtle neck so mine was 4″ wide. The length is however long the “neck hole” you’ve created by sewing the top and bottom pieces together is (mine was about 16″). Sew the strip together at the short ends and sew to the sweater pieces using your yarn needle. Roll the neck piece in half to create a turtle neck and you’re done! Below is a little better side view of the sweater (ignore the string hanging off I hadn’t quite finished the sweater yet).

dog sweater

Aside from being extra warm, this sweater washed up perfectly. If you’ve ever bought a sweater for your dog at the store they usually start at $20 and go up from there which is ridiculous.The best part of the sweater I made is that the yarn was on clearance and the whole sweater only cost me $3.00 to make, and it will last far longer than any other sweater we have!!