Six Layer Hummus Dip

Over the summer I was supposed to go to a cooking class with my mom, grandmother and two family friends but the shop moved to a bigger space during that time and our class was cancelled. Instead of scrapping the whole idea we decided to all meet at my mom’s house and have our own cooking class. Each of us took a course and taught the others how to make it. Our friend Laurie had appetizers and this was one of her recipes. It’s really simple to make and OH-SO-GOOD! It’s perfect for the summertime but my husband and I have made it all year round when we want a light lunch so we made it the other day. The best part is that Laurie has tried all different kinds of feta, tomatoes and hummus and found which ones work best so our final product is the best of everything!

Ingredients: Hummus (Summer Fresh Vegetable), Pesto (our grocery store has a Mediterranean bar that has pre-made pesto thats much less expensive than making your own), Feta (Traditional Feta, not crumbles, still in brine), tomatoes (super sweet cherry), white onion, cucumber, Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips.

Start with a medium sized shallow bowl. The other family friend that was at our “cooking class”, Mary, got us this bowl as a shower gift. It came in a set of three serving bowls from Pottery Barn and I really can’t tell you how much we use them, I couldn’t recommend them enough. Spread your first layer with the hummus and then spread a layer of the pesto over that. Cut up the feta into cubes and sprinkle that over the pesto and hummus. Cut the tomatoes into quarters, sprinkle those over the feta. Chop up the onion finely and seed and dice the cucumber… sprinkle over the tomato and you’re finished!

Serve with the Naked Pita chips… try to get a little bit of everything on your chip and you’ll have the PERFECT little bite!