Winter Wonderland Scarf

I have to preface this post by letting all of you know that before I did this project, I had absolutely no idea how to crochet. My mom crochets and makes beautiful things, but I’ve always been more of a knitting girl. I could try to explain word for word how I made this scarf, but I learned just from watching this video and it’s probably more helpful to have you guys follow the video instructions and I’ll just give a brief description here. The video comes from Lion Brand (the yarn company’s) website and they have a lot of really good videos on there. I used a single crochet for this scarf and two different yarns rolled into one. 

Supplies: 9mm crochet hook, and 2 skeins each of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Glamour Yarn in Diamond and Platnum. 

Start by rolling both yarns into a single ball and make a slipknot on with the end. Put the slipknot on the crochet hook and yarn over once then pull through. Continue until the chain is the length that you want the width of your scarf to be. 

To start crocheting rows, skip the first chain and put the hook through the second. Yarn over once, pull through one loop, yarn over and pull through two loops. Continue until you get to the last chain and once finished, chain one more. Turn your work and repeat until the scarf is the length you want. If you want fringe on the ends of the scarf, cut 8 inch pieces of the yarn and loop them through.