Space Saving Wall Bar

We live in a townhouse, so I am always looking for ways to save space without giving anything up… so when it came time to put in a bar this was heaven-sent. We registered for these wine/bar shelves from Pottery Barn for our wedding because they took care of a lot of needs: It hung all of our stemware so we had didn’t have to waste space in our limited cupboards, it gave us a place to store all of our liquor and wine and it gave us something to fill up an empty wall in our living room. Our oldest family friends threw us a “Grill and Chill” shower before the wedding where they gave us two of the shelf pieces and had every one bring us a bottle of their favorite wine to start our collection. We bought the third piece and completed the bar, which we always get compliments on. {We have moved this bar to a different wall, see it now HERE}

The bottom of the bar is two of the wine glass shelf pieces, in the espresso stain, which are easy to install… you just mount a wall bracket over studs and slip the shelf over it. Our wine glasses and half of our martini glasses are from the Angled Rim Crackle Collection at Pier One. The other half of our martini glasses are Martha Stewart. We have a few different champagne flutes… these handblown glass flutes from Tiffany, these cylindrical glasses from Crate and Barrel (yes, these are the ones from Gossip Girl) and these Vera Wang Wedgewood Flutes. On top of the wine glass shelves we put our old fashioned and shot glasses. The old fashioned glasses are hand-cut crystal from Tiffany and the shot glasses are the same but from Ralph Lauren. This shelf top also houses our taller bottles and two different decanters… the square one is from Pottery Barn and the tall one is Vera Wang Wedgewood.

On the end of the wineglass shelves we have a stainless steel bar set from Pottery Barn that they don’t sell anymore, matches from our favorite restaurant to light candles and a Vera Wang Wine Cooler for white wine bottles.

The top shelf if the wine bottle shelf and it holds 6 bottles on wine laying down, but when we have a full stock of bottles (like we do now because of gifts over the holidays) I use this shelf to stand the bottles up. When you put the bottles this way you can fit A LOT up these for such a small space. We hung a “G” for our last name in the empty space to finish things off. This bar is amazing… not only does it streamline everything while looking chic at the same time, it can go in any room in your house and you add as many or as little shelves as you like to create a bar that is totally yours!