Rhinestone Heeled Pumps

I was on the lookout for a really great pair of shoes for New Years Eve and saw these Steve Madden pumps at Lord and Taylors and loved them. I wasn’t, however, in love with their price tag ($129) because I knew I could make them myself for way less. Baker’s shoes were having a sale (Buy one, get one 50% Off) so I picked up these Halston Black Suede Pumps, which I liked better than the Steve Madden’s because of the mesh detail in the front and because the heel was about an inch taller. I have another pair of shoes that are completely encrusted in rhinestone, and you could use this technique to easily cover the entire shoe instead of just the heel, but I like the “business in the front, party in the back” look of just doing the heel!

Inspiration on the left: Steve Madden Partyy-R Pumps, My DIY shoes on the right:

Gather up your supplies: E-6000 Glue (make sure to get the Clear Transparent), rhinestone (I get the smallest ones I can find at Joann Fabrics and they come in packs of 200, I used about 800 per heel), Bee’s Wax (You can find little disks in any jewelry making section) and Q-Tips. Put your rhinestone in a small dish that you can easily access and rub a Q-Tip in the bee’s wax. Draw a very thin line of glue at the top of the heel and start applying the rhinestone, picking them up with the bees waxed Q-Tip. Work in small sections at a time, creating arced rows starting at the top of the heel and working your way down. The first few rows seem to take forever but once you get going and the heel gets skinnier it goes by so fast. Keep going until you’ve reached the enforcement at the bottom of the heel and let dry overnight before packaging them up in their box!

** Update: I ended up encrusting the rest of these shoes with rhinestones, check out that post here!