Removable Faux Fur Boot Covers

Since a lot of you will be giving and receiving UGG boots over the Holidays I thought this craft would be a perfect post to leave you with until after Christmas. My husband and I went to the Niagara Holiday Market a couple weekends ago, where they have a “merchants row” where stores from all over come to sell their products. We saw these in a few of the seller’s shops and I liked them a lot but they were charging around $45 for them and I knew I could easily make them and do it for less. I looked online a couple days ago and the main website who makes them is selling ones that look identical to mine for $39, plus $12 for the suede lacing… mine cost much less than that! I bought the faux fur, suede lacing and gold buttons at Joann Fabrics and they only took me a few minutes to make. I used these to cover my UGGs but you can make them to cover any kind of boot, and the best part is that they slide right on and off so you don’t always have to use them.

Hold your UGGs against the fur to see how tall you want your fur. I have the tall boots so mine were 11″ tall and 18″ around. Cut out the rectangle of fur by cutting the cloth on the back of the fur. If you don’t so this and you cut it from the front you’ll never stop shedding the fur! Fold the fur in half with the right sides together, tucking the fur towards the inside and sew a seam. Flip the cover right side out and slide it over your UGG, repeat to make the cover for the other UGG. I cut about 8 feet of the suede lacing and wrapped it around the boot 3 times, criss-crossing it in the from twice. Where the suede crossed at the top I sewed a gold button. Play around the different colored furs and lacing and buttons and you can make a lot of covers yourself for the same price as one of the “professional” ones!

ugg covers