Glitter Stars

I’m always looking for fun crafts that can help decorate the home without breaking the bank, and it doesn’t get much cheaper than this one! All you need to make these is card stock, glitter, glue and thread and you’re in business. What I love about these little 2d glitter stars is that you can use them for so many things… you can hang them in windows like I’ve done here, you can use them as ornaments on your tree, you could make them really small and use them on your Christmas cards… the possibilities are endless, and they are SO easy to make!  I got the idea for these in Martha Stewart Living’s December issue, but they made a huge one and I wanted to make much smaller ones so  I could make a lot of them. I made a few different colors so in the pictures there will be different colored paper but the steps are still the same!

Start of by cutting 2 squares of card stock in the same size (the ones I made are 4″x4″… make them as big or as little as you like!). Start with the first square and fold it in half diagonally. If you have a bone folder, use that to make a really sharp crease… if you don’t have one, just use a spoon or whatever you have around the house. Unfold the square and fold in half on the other diagonal. Unfold the square and fold in half on the horizontal and then unfold and fold in half along the other horizontal. Now fold the square up so that it looks like a triangle (See the middle picture on the bottom row below). Now cut a small triangle out of the bottom (See last picture below). When you unfold it now you’ve got half of your star. Repeat with the other square.

One you have both halves done, use a small paintbrush to brush glue all over the tops of the stars and then coat in glitter. Let dry completely (I just let them sit overnight). They may have flattened a little while drying, if so just pinch the stars to pop them back up and accentuate the folds. Take a needle and poke a hole in the top of one of the halves and three a clear cord through the hole. Tie a knot in the cord on the end that is in the back of the star and cut the cord to desired length. Use a hot glue gun and secure one half on top of the other half creating an 8 point star, using the half with the cord as the bottom. You’re all set to hang your star wherever you want.. get creative!