Coupon Organizing Tip

As we all start finishing up our Christmas shopping, I know that if all of you are anything like me we are using more coupons now than we do all year long. I’m usually pretty good about keeping them organized throughout the year, I keep a plastic accordion style expanding file in my purse and that usually gets the job done. The problem I’ve been running into lately is that the coupons that are coming in the mail seem to be getting bigger and bigger and they no longer fit in my file. Because of this I’ve been just throwing them in my purse and when it comes time to check out at the stores I’m “that girl”… you know the one digging through her purse dumping her stuff all over the counter wasting everyones time and still not being able to find what I need. Well I decided I needed to come up with a solution and I’ve found one that’s perfect and looks very chic at the same time!

I found this at Office Max and it’s the same expandable file like the one I had, but it is bigger and much more durable since it’s not made from plastic. It’s a cream colored (it also came in a few other colors too) ostrich skin leather, with a silver turn clasp and is 10″x6″. When I first saw it I thought it would be too big and that I wouldn’t like it but it’s actually perfect size and I love that I don’t have to fold up all my coupons just to make them fit.

The inside is still the standard plastic expanding accordion files and it came with the tabs to label each section.

The back of the file has a zipper compartment where I keep all of my receipts. That way if I need to do a return or attach a gift receipt to a gift they’re easy to find. All in all this has solved all of my coupon organization problems and made things really easy while finishing up our shopping… hope it helps all of you too!