Kitchen Aid Deluxe Edition

While thinking about what to do for a home tip this week, this one seemed like a no brainer. A few Christmases ago, my parents bought me my first Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s the silver Professional HD model and to say it got it’s money worth in use is an understatement. A month ago my mom called and told me to turn on the tv… they had the new Kitchen Aid mixers on and I fell in love with first sight! My mom ordered me one for Christmas and was kind enough to let me take it home with me after Thanksgiving so I could use it for Christmas cookies. I used it for the first time while making the Chocolate Peppermint Cookies and I knew immediately it was going to change the way I bake… it truly is that amazing! So this is my home tip for the week: invest in this mixer!! I know they are pricey and it is a big purchase, but I’ll tell you all the ways it will improve your baking experience and make things in the kitchen so much easier!

The set my mom got me came with the three standard attachments (the beater, the wire whisk and the dough hook) but it also came with one of the best things about the whole mixer – the beater with a rubber side. My biggest complaint about the old mixer was that you constantly had to stop the mixer to scrape down the sides of the bowl and the beater didn’t touch the bottom of the bowl so there was always a half inch at the bottom that never got mixed in. This solves that completely. The rubber on the beater not only reaches the bottom of the bowl mixing everything in without scratching the bowl, it also scrapes the sides so I didn’t have to stop and do it myself once.

The next great thing about the new mixers are their size. They’re more compact without giving up any of it’s power and they are so much lighter. We kept the old mixer under our sink and when I needed to use it I either had to hope my husband was home to move it for me or put my work at the gym to the test. The old mixers had a crank on the side that moved the bowl up and down, which was a pain because it was next to impossible to get the beaters off when the bowl was still attached. The new mixer’s neck hinges up making things SO much easier. Instead of the bowl cranking up and down, it screws into the bottom of the mixer. Speaking of the bowl, the new ones are glass which I think is amazing. You can see inside the bowl to make sure every things mixing in how you want it, it’s microwave and freezer safe and it has measurements marked right on the bowl!

The set my mom got also came with a rebate form for a free meat grinder attachment which I can’t wait to get! It also came with a book that includes some of Kitchen Aids recipes and tips for getting the most of out the mixer. I thought I loved my old Kitchen Aid mixer but I have to say, this one takes the cake. With the same classic features that everyone has grown to love about Kitchen Aid combined with the few improvements explained here, this truly is a life saver for holiday baking… Thanks mom!!