Chain Mail Necklace

I saw a blog post a while back illustrating how to make a chain mail necklace that was much simpler than this and used their technique and ran with it. I like necklaces that are simple but still make a big statement… I also like the idea of mixing gold and silver, that way you can wear it with anything. This necklace cost me $2.00 to make and I really love it because I don’t think it looks homemade. All you need is different size jump rings and a set of pliers to make this and the best part is that you can design it anyway you want to. I played around a lot with this one, I probably had it 6 or 7 different ways before deciding on the final design.

I found packs of jump rings at Walmart that were 1$ each and had 3 different sized rings, I bought one gold pack and one silver pack. I started the necklace with a standard chain mail foundation of 3 rows using the largest rings. Open one of the gold rings and slip 3 silver rings on it and then close the gold ring. Spread the rings out to look like the 3rd picture below. Open another gold ring and slide it through the top two silver rings, then slide two more silver rings on the open gold one. Close the gold ring, spread the rings out again and repeat until the necklace is your desired length. 

Next, add to the necklace whichever way you choose. I decided to make sort of a “bib” necklace by adding three more rows of the medium rings and then adding one final row with the smallest rings. Lay your necklace on a flat surface and start hooking one medium gold ring through two of the outside large silver rings. Then add a row of medium silver ones to the medium gold ones and then add another row of medium gold ones. Finish the necklace by adding a row of the smallest silver rings.