My New Home Office

I just want to start out by saying that I cannot take credit for a large part of this room… I follow another blog and fell in love with her desk set up, so that was the seed that inspired this whole room. When we moved in we didn’t give any thought to our extra room- we put a bed underneath the window and bought a small desk from target and added the typical dry erase/cork boards, etc. My amazing husband surprised me with a new iMac desktop to help with the blog and other things. Things snowballed from there because we needed a new desk to fit the new computer and by then I was so inspired that we decided to totally re-purpose the room. We wanted to keep the bed in there still and luckily we had more than enough room for it so we started by moving the bed to where the old desk used to be and put the night stand on the other side. Then we used the half of the room where the bed used to be for the desk and a reading corner. I can’t say enough how in love I am with the desk system. It’s the Ikea Expedit Bookcase with the Expedit Desk (which attaches right to the bookcase). I probably had the most fun while re-doing this room figuring out what to put in all the “cubbies” of the bookshelf! This will be a longer post and I want to make sure to let you know where I got everything so I’ll put the pictures first and the explanations after.

The first cubby (starting a the top left) has a stack of a few of my favorite books that I find most inspirational. On top of the books is a gold elephant figure that I found at an antique store. The cubby next to it has an amazing story… When i was younger my grandmother had the same tree in her house that was a gift from her mother in law that she had for over 35 years. After I started decorating the office I was in Urban Outfitters and found the exact same one! I used to adore the one my grandmother had and now I have the same one right next to me every day… I love it! On the next row the cubby to the left has a box from my favorite Macaron shop in New York City (they deliver all over the country, I highly recommend trying them out!). In front of the box is a ceramic peony tea light holder that I found at a thrift store. The perfume bottle in that cubby came in a set of 3 from Ikea. The cubby next to that holds a few of my favorite fashion books along with a pair of Louboutin’s that were actually my wedding shoes. I never wear them because they’re so uncomfortable but they’re so beautiful that I like to have them on display. The row underneath that, starting with the cubby to the left is full of miscellaneous books topped of with a book of recipes from my favorite pastry shop in Paris that my husband got me for our first wedding anniversary and a gold shoe (that’s actually an ornament) from Pier One. The cubby next to that is different sizes of boxes from Tiffany’s and the biggest one is full of love letters from my husband that I have been collecting for years. Underneath that I have a wicker basket that holds power cords and the cubby next to that holds my MacBook and my iPad2.

The next column of cubbies gets cut in half by the desk, the picture above is of the 4 above the desk. Starting with the top left that cubby holds a couple books by the writer of Sex and the City, along with a book about Paris and an older book of Martha Stewart’s that i think is one of her best. On top of the stack is a silver ball that’s actually a candlestick holder from Ikea. Next to that I keep my address book along with a book I started when we got married that kept track of what gifts we got from who for the showers and the actual wedding. On top of that I keep scissors, receipts, etc in a container that’s actually a flower pot. Underneath that row, starting with the left is a gold-plated oval basket that I got at an antique shop that I love. I keep 3 decorative pens in there and a small book of notepad papers, this cubby’s right next to me on the desk so if I ever need to write something down quickly it’s really easy to access. Also in that cubby is one of the perfume bottles from the Ikea set. In the cubby to the right of that is a purple striped vase that my husband actually picked out for me, the last of the perfume bottles, and 2 other purple vases that I found at a thrift store.

The 4 cubbies underneath the desk are somewhat difficult to access easily so I keep things that I don’t always need in there. I’m learning French so I keep my software down there in a cubby with a flameless candle that I like to put out on the desk. I keep card stock and printer paper under here along with an old Coach box that now houses all my stationary. I don’t like big clunky file cabinets so I buy file boxes like the blue one seen above and they fit perfectly in the cubby along with my paper-cutter.

On top of the shelving units I keep our wireless printer, magazine files, books that are too large to fit in the cubbies and decorative fashion boxes. 

In the corner opposite the desk, I wanted to build a small reading corner. To bridge the desk and the reading corner, I hung a wire underneath the window that’s meant to be a curtain wire. I keep notes, coupons, bills, work calendars, pages from magazines, etc. here… and what’s really cool about it is that the clips slide along the wire so I can reach things no matter where I’m sitting. I keep a throw on the reading chair for decoration, and for warmth now that the temperatures here are dropping!

Last but definitely not least, by far my favorite part of the room- the artwork, which is hung on the wall next to the reading chair. I had a book based on the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met in NYC that I was in love with. I always felt like the entire book needed to be on display because the pictures are so incredible and inspiring, so I decided to do just that. I chose three of my favorite prints and cut them out of the book using an exacto knife. I had the 2 smaller gold frames already and I found the third one at Michaels. I planned on staggering them along the wall but while we were trying to line up the measurements to hang them we realized how cool they looked butted up against one another. The gold in the frames picks up on the gold in the outfits and I can’t get over how beautiful they are. I had a hard time picking my favorites so my plan is to switch out the prints every once and a while. That’s the whole new office, I truly am so happy with how it ended up turning out. It took a lot longer than planned but it was so worth it!