Wishbone Napkin Rings

I’m always looking for cool and unique ways to set our table for different occasions, all the way down to how I set up my napkins which is why i love this craft so much. I’ve heard of people taking necklace charms and tying them around napkins and I love the idea. I saw this Jennifer Meyer wishbone necklace on the Barneys website and thought it would be PERFECT for a Thanksgiving place setting… but let’s face it – no one in their right mind would pay 1,200$ for a napkin ring, so I improvised. I had roasted a chicken this past weekend (will do a post on that after Thanksgiving) and set the wishbone aside for this craft.

I cleaned the wishbone really well and waited until the next day to make sure it was totally dry. Then I simply spray painted it a metallic gold (only because we have gold china, you can paint it whatever color matches your tablescape) and then gave it a quick spray with a gold glitter. Let it dry over night just to be extra safe.
 I rolled up my napkin and just pinched the napkin in it (as seen in the first picture) and then played around with a couple other ideas (in the pics below). I actually think it looks pretty cool just sitting on the plate… I love the idea that everyone at the table gets to take it with them and make a wish. Playing on the “wishbone charm” idea, I also pinched the wishbone into the opening on a gold jump ring. Then I just added it to a piece of twine and wrapped it around the napkin for a little more casual look.