Perfume & Cologne Cubes


I am always searching for different ways to “store” things in our home. Now a days, perfume and cologne bottles have a lot of time spent on design and can look really beautiful, so I thought why not put them on display! I had bought a set of 3 wooden square shelves originally to put books and decorative items in before we moved to this house. After we moved in I decided they’d be perfect for putting our favorite scents on display while still making them easily accessible. It’s such an easy project but it makes a really big statement right next to the window in our master bedroom!

 There are holes in the back of the cubes and they come with dry wall anchors for hanging, but I didn’t bother with all that. My dad installed these for us by simply marking a spot for the nails in each corner and one in the middle, then he just slipped the cube over the nails. This way they cubes were a lot more stable and I can take them off every time I dust in that room which makes it really convenient. Pick a spot where people will see them while walking by the room… we chose the spot to the right of our biggest window in our room which faces directly towards the door.


The cubes come in 3 different sizes, so play around and stagger them in whatever pattern looks best. If you have a long narrow strip of wall, stack them one on top of another… if you have a wide strip of wall like we did then stagger them like this. You can put bottles in the cubes and on top of them. Also, since the lowest cube creates all that negative space in the middle, sometimes I put a tall skinny vase with some simple flowers where the Gucci bottle is now. The wonderful thing about these is that you can customize them however you want and it really expresses your decorating style which is what I’m all about!