Gingham Throw Blanket

This is a really cool way to knit your own blanket without feeling like your taking on the time consuming task of knitting your own blanket. Essentially several scarves stitched together, the pattern mimics that of a gingham cloth. You use 3 strands of yarn at a time so it’s extra thick, which makes it extra warm just in time for fall and winter. You can make it however big or small you want it which means you can make anything from a baby blanket to an actual comforter for a bed.

All you need to make this blanket is two colors of yarn, a dark and a light color (I used Red Heart’s ‘Cafe’ and ‘Aran’ for my blanket) rolled into balls, 13″ knitting needles, yarn needles and scissors. 
Cast on 19 stitches using 3 strands of the dark yarn and knit for 32 rows. Switch one strand to the lighter color  and knit for 32 rows. Repeat until you have a long and narrow strip of 9 squares. Next, cast on 19 stitches using one strand of the dark yarn and 2 strands of the light. Knit for 32 rows, switch the dark strand to a light one and knit for 32 more rows. Repeat until you have another long and narrow strip of 9 squares. Once you have your desired amount of strips, stitch them together (keeping the rows lined up) using the yarn needle and alternating colors of yarn.