Outdoor Decor Ideas for Halloween

For this weeks home tip I thought I’d just give you a bunch of ideas I’ve used over the years for decorating the stoop in front of our house for Halloween. I like to come up with 4 or 5 different ideas for carving and decorating pumpkins and then scatter them down the stairs we have. I always get mums (pictured to the left) from our farmer’s market and flank both sides of our front door. To give them a little more pop I get two 10 pound pumpkins, cut the tops off, hollow them out and stick the mums in their pots inside. Make sure you take the pots out to water the plants though, other wise your pumpkin will fill with mold in no time. Last year I got small pumpkins and painted them with metallic paints but this year I thought it would be cool to cover them in glitter. I just painted modge podge directly onto the pumpkins, covered them in glitter and them sprayed them with a waterproof sealant so I could keep them outside.

I included the mummy and vampire pumpkins that I did a post on earlier in the week and some pumpkins that my husband and I carved. We use flameless LED tea lights from Pottery Barn inside the pumpkins which makes things really easy. You don’t have to worry about replacing real candles over and over, and you don’t have to vent your pumpkins. We just click them on once it gets dark out and click them off just before going to bed. Another trick I use to decorate the smaller pumpkins is the black ones pictured the to right. I put one of my black knee highs over the pumpkin and then cut the face out. The result is a very Tim Burton-esque face which I think looks pretty cool. Usually I make a wreath for our door but this year I wanted to do something a little different. I found a wooden leaf welcome sign at Party City and hung it using a wreath hook. It kept flying all over the place every time we opened the door so I secured it in place using one of the refill adhesive strips from 3m’s command hooks. That way I knew it would hold up much better than double-sided tape and once the season is over I can remove it cleanly and easily.