Vampire and Mummy Pumpkins

I saw both of these in October’s issue of Martha Stewart magazine and know immediately I had to make them myself. They’re cute and unique and will definitely be a conversation point. I love carving pumpkins but I’m always looking for ways to do different things with them and this craft was the perfect way to do that!

To make the mummy start with a tall white pumpkin or gourd and cut holes for the eyes using either carving tools or a knife. I think Martha used map tacks that she drew eyeballs on, but I saw these ping pong ball eyes at Party City and thought they’d look cool. I cut hole just barely big enough to fit the eyes and then pushed them in to fit snug. Wrap the pumpkin in white crepe paper streamer, securing as you go with double sided tape and leaving a slit for the eyes, until the pumpkin is totally covered.

To make the vampires, start by tracing this mouth template onto the pumpkin. There are two sizes, one is a bigger one (pictured here in the 1st picture) that will result in a more open-mouth vampire and one is smaller (seen in pictures 2&3 here) which is a more closed mouth. Carve out the mouth hole and scoop out the excess inside. Pop in a set of plastic vampire teeth and add the “eyes” using black headed straight pins.