Removable Pillow Covers

pillow finished copyI have to start by thanking my mom for showing me how to make these really easy, really great looking pillow covers. Whether it’s for our couches, our beds or any other room in our house – I’m obsessed with throw pillows. The problem is that between change in decor and the holidays I’m always wanting different ones. These are not only incredible easy to make, they’re removable so you can change your pillows as many times as you want. It also makes the covers simple to wash and easy to store away when you’re not using them. I like to start by picking a color palette (in this case it was chocolate browns, golds, creams and beige) and then mix things up by playing with the textures and patterns. It’s a really chic way to add tons of personality to any room in your house without having to do anything major! 

Supplies: fabric in different textures and patterns that fit within your color palette, pillow inserts in the size you desire, sewing machine, iron, thread to match your fabric (you will only be able to visibly see one hem once the pillows are finished), straight pins, self healing cutting mat and rotary cutting wheel.

Always start off by ironing out your fabric. Next, cut the front fabric to the exact size of your pillow insert. In my case, I was making a 20″ x 20″ pillow so thats the size I cut the front piece of fabric. Next, cut two back pieces that are the same length as your pillow, but 4 inches shorter on the width (in my case, these back pieces were each 20″ x 16″).  Take each of your back pieces and stitch a narrow hem on one of the long sides. Always press the hems with an iron and pin in place before sewing. Next, lay your front fabric piece face up. Lay one of the backing pieces on top, facing down, so the right sides are together and the hemmed edge is in the middle, pin in in place. Lay the other backing piece on top with the raw edge aligned with the right edge of the front fabric piece so that the hemmed sides overlap in the middle. Pin in place. Sew around all four edges using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, remove pins & trim the corners. Flip right side out and insert your pillow form!