Vintage Book Wreath

 I’m always looking for ways to make conventional crafts into something unexpected and interesting. In this case, I decided to turn some vintage sporting books I had into a beautiful wreath to fill an empty window we have in our kitchen. The yellowing pages give it a fall-like feel without being so literal. With just a few materials I was able to make a wreath that not only filled an empty space we had in our home but it saved me a LOT of money compared to buying one at the store.

Start by printing out a leaf template found HERE onto a piece of heavyweight card stock and cutting it out to make your stencil. Trace the leaf stencil onto a page from a vintage book (any old book will work here, you just want the look of yellowing pages). Cut the leaf out with scissors and apply glue using a glue stick to the back of the leaf shape. Place a 5-inch length of floral wire on a second page from the book, then place the leaf shape glue side down over it, sandwiching the wire between the papers. The wire should be centered on the stem of the leaf, with half of the wire within the leaf and half of the wire emerging from the stem. Allow glue to dry, then carefully cut out the leaf shape with scissors. Repeat to make many more leaves. Make “picks” out of the leaves by grouping a mix of paper and artificial leaves and bind them together using floral tape. This way you can do large groupings at one time and the leaves will be more secure and easier to glue down.

Once you’ve made a bunch of picks, arrange them into an 18″ grapevine wreath form and glue in place using a hot glue gun starting in one spot and working counter-clockwise until you’ve filled out the form. Every once in a while in between the picks, glue in pinecones in a random pattern. Once the wreath is done, hang with a ribbon in the back on a nail.